I start to put up pictures on my blog

Now, I know this is not what you all had in mind, the ones who have said you wish I would hurry up and put up pictures. You want to see pictures of the people I've started gossiping about, or the people in that book about my life called The Days Between the Years, not animals at the zoo, not that there's a whole lot of difference between one and the other, if you want to know what I think about it.

But I took these with the little teeny camera (no bigger than the palm of my hand!) some of the kids got me for my birthday back in August, and I'm kind of proud. I took them at the zoo in Asheboro, NC. Or maybe it was Greenville, SC. What difference does it make? I never did get any medals for memory.

The one on the top is of a gorilla. The one on the bottom is what I reckon you'd call a regular monkey, which I guess you can tell. My second husband, Buck Goforth, was big on monkeys. We'd go to the zoo, and he'd want to hang all day at the monkey section. He'd say to me, "Trixie, tell me how a man with half a brain could doubt we're kin to them?"

I'm not much on deep thinking, but the gorilla climbing up the hill makes me think of the long, uphill journey of life, which I know a little something about, and the monkey looks like he's asking, "Which one of the Ten Commandments will you break this day?" as if you are bound to break at least one, sure as the world, and he knows it better than anybody. Maybe I've got too much imagination for my own good. I've been told as much, a time or two.